How to order?

All photos are available as digital files or as paper prints via our partner laboratory Picto (delivery by post).

The photos are classified by the time slot in which you were there. This is indicated on the ticket given to you by the photographer.


1. From the home page, click on the button entitled "Find all your photos".


2. You will then be taken to the page of your chosen location. Then select the month and day of your visit.

Page Lieux
Page Jour

3. Then choose the side from which you climbed the pass.

Page Jour2

4. The photos are arranged in chronological order according to the time slot of your visit.

Example: a 2pm-3pm ticket indicates that you were picked up between 2pm and 3pm on that day.

Page Horaires

5. Once you have found the photo, choose the desired product individually or by pack: 
- Digital photo (HD or BD)
- Pack of 2 or 4 HD digital photos
- Pack of 1 print + 1 HD digital photo
- Print on Fuji paper
- Print on Dibond plate
- Framed photo with wood / aluminium frame- Mug / Mouse pad

Page Selectionduformat 2
Page Selectionduformat

6. For example, for a digital photo, choose the HD format (ideal for printing) or BD (Low Definition, suitable for social networks, or sending by email, ...) and click on the "Add to cart" button.

Page Selectionduficher

7. At this stage, your photo has been added to your basket. You can now go to the payment page to finalise your order by clicking on "View cart".

Page Ajouteraupanier

8. You are now on the page of your basket, this one recapitulates your order by indicating you the amount to be paid.
At this stage, you also have the possibility of adding a promotional code if you have one.

Page Vudupanier

9. After clicking on "Place order", you must fill in your details (mandatory fields followed by a star) and accept the general terms and conditions of sale, remembering to tick the box "I have read and accept the general terms and conditions". Finally, click on the "Review order" button.

Page Voscoordonnees

10. Once you have filled in your details, click on "Order with payment obligation".

Page Commande

11. You are at the last stage of your order, you have to choose the payment method. You can choose between the Paypal or Stripe platform or by bank transfer via your bank.

These two payment solutions are completely secure and you are not required to create an account on these two interfaces.

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